Bible Study

Reclaiming Jesus From The Christian Fascists

Starting February 5th all are welcome to gather for a 9 week Bible Study on Sunday mornings at 9am. We’ll root ourselves into the first 8 chapters of the Gospel of Mark. Our theme will be to connect how we follow Jesus in a time of Christian apostasy.

From time to time Christianity goes off the rails abandoning all resemblance to Christ-like faith. The Crusades are an archetype example of this in history. In America we also carry the shame of Christian justification of indigenous genocide, of enslavement of African peoples, and of brutality towards Asian immigrants. Today, we see the rise of Christian Fascism (i.e. the linkage between Church & State) in the Republican Party, in the policies of the Supreme Court and most especially in the so-called culture wars that are tearing family and friendships apart.

The class will study the beginnings of the Gospel of Mark, relating it to what is happening politically in the life of the Church, of the culture, and within our politics and economics.

As is my custom I’ll bring a bunch of scenarios and information, but the magic is in the conversation. Come and participate.

Feb. 5      Intro to the Bible 101

Feb. 12    What Is Christian Fascism?

Feb. 19    Exorcism of Christian Fascist Religion (Mark 1:21-28 and 3:19b-30)

Feb. 26   Inclusion As Antidote to Christian Fascist Domination  (Mark 2:13-17, Mark 3:13-19 — 7:1-37)

March 5    Jubilee As Counter-Fascist Economics (Mark 2:18-3:12)

March 12  The Parables As Subversive Hope (Mark 4:1-34)

March 19  Unmasking Christian Fascist Oppression   (Mark 4:35-5:20)

March 26   Bread Not Bombs: Taming Christian Violence  (Mark 6:30-56, 8:1-21)

April 2  (Palm Sunday)    The Hard Teaching of Discipleship   (Mark 8:31-9:1)

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