Upon this Rock

Upon This Rock is a campaign about our values and vision, and what our confession of Christian faith actually looks like, living in such a time of continual anxiety.

The practical goal of Upon This Rock is to raise $250,000 so that we can develop the financial leverage needed to redevelop and upgrade our building and grounds. We’re thinking about building the infrastructure of our future. But not just any future. There is a hunger within our congregation to confess and act on our faith in more ecological ways. There have been conversations started about the future of our building and grounds as an ecological witness. There is a yearning to live in such a way, in our personal lives, and in our public spiritual lives, that we become part of the solution to what Greta Thunberg has called “a house on fire”.

Our Upon This Rock pledge drive is a practical opportunity to demonstrate the value of this community, its faith, trust and confidence in the presence of Christ.

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