Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sunday Worship look like?

Our Sunday morning worship is rich with liturgy, music, reflection, and communion. You’ll experience a diversity of musical expressions including both adult and youth choirs, both traditional and contemporary hymns, various (and beautiful) musical instruments, and a willingness to stretch beyond our own customs.

We have an excellent preaching and teaching ministry that enriches our heart, soul and mind. We practice variations of prayer including the use of contemplation, guided meditation, bodily movements, and various forms of Lectio Divina. We affirm that the Spirit is present every time we gather—we look for the great surprise.

You will experience humor and gratitude, times of deep thinking, and times of tingling as your soul is awakened to new feelings of faith, hope and love. You’ll experience good and decent people whose lives reflect a caring spirit, along with the humility that we are all in process, and none of us have yet arrived.

We strongly encourage children and youth to bring their gifts and participation into our liturgies, and you’ll experience the involvement of many and diverse fellow congregants who help lead us through each Sunday’s “sacred drama”. Everyone belongs. God is bringing us all together for greater purpose. Come and see.

What should I wear?

We have folks comfortable in jeans and tee-shirts, suits and ties, sneakers, dresses, slacks, sandals, shorts, or athletic gear. Wear what makes you comfortable, but make sure it is appropriate.

How should I connect?

We have numerous community groups, volunteer opportunities, and other ways to be here at LWUMC. We’d love you to join us!


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