Safe Parking Program

2023 Safe Parking Program Annual Report/Gratitude Report.

Safe Parking is a program for women and families living in their cars. We recognize that people who are homeless and have a vehicle face challenges in where to park their car without fear of tickets or harassment. We also recognize that homelessness can be isolating and the benefits of community and relationships can be life-transforming.

We at Lake Washington United Methodist Church offer our parking lot to guests as a safe place to park, sleep in their cars, and become part of our church community. After a short intake process and background check, guests are invited to stay in the parking lot.

Volunteers or staff open the church building several hours every day so guests have access to the indoor bathrooms (there is a portable toilet in the parking lot), kitchen and phone. Through a grant, we provide free WiFi access. There is a refrigerator set aside for our guests. We have information  on community resources available in the office, including where to shower and do laundry.

Guests are welcome to join church activities, but are under no obligation to do so. Many guests have participated in small groups, gone on retreats, and volunteered their services to the church in a variety of ways. Through our Wednesday night Community Dinner and our volunteer hosts, many wonderful relationships have been formed between housed and homeless members of our church community.

If you would like to be a guest of our Safe Parking program or a volunteer host, or just want more information, please email the office, or call at 425.464.SAFE(7233).

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Safe Parking: (425) 464-SAFE