About Us

Christ had more to say about how we live, share our resources and care for those most in need than he did about believing the right thing.

We pursue what it means to personally walk in Christ’s footsteps, and what it means as a community to bring the Kindom of God to the neighborhood.

We stand against injustice, intolerance and homelessness on the East-side. We stand for Christ here and now.


Cee Adamson

Director of Creative Worship Arts

Phone: 425.885.3311

Email: creativearts@lakewaumc.org

Kevin Johnson


Phone: 425.885.3311

Email: sfccmusic@yahoo.com

Aurelio Valdez

Youth and Young Adult Community Development Minister

Phone: 425.885.3311

Email: youthstaff@lakewaumc.org

Contact Us

7525 132nd Ave. NE Kirkland, WA 98033 View a map

Email: office@lakewaumc.org

Church Office: (425) 885-3311

Safe Parking: (425) 464-SAFE