Sunday Morning Youth Gathering

By having their own gathering space during Sunday morning worship, our youth have the chance to creatively design their own worship experience. Developmentally, 6th-12th graders are examiners, questioners, and scrutinize-rs; they are no longer simply convinced nor placated by the phrase, “because I said so.” It is for this reason that we encourage our youth to become explorers of our Christian and Methodist traditions; fleshing out what is important to them, and laying aside what isn’t.

Our youth, interestingly, still hold to many Methodist liturgical practices, yet have created expressions of them that are truly their own.  Our Love Feast for example, is taken with milk and cookies, the Worship Assistants are called the “sponsors” of our time together, and they get to choose the order and flow of the time together. And their teaching time doesn’t come in the form of top-down preaching, but instead as readings, poems, videos, and music, all with reflective discussion led by the youth themselves. We’d love to have your youth join us sometime on a Sunday, from 10-11:15 in the Chapel.

Want to volunteer with our awesome Youth Program? Want more information? Just email, or call 425.885.3311 ext. 0.

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